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A new health and well-being plan for Cork and Kerry points the way to a healthier future

2018 saw the launch of a new five-year plan which is designed to promote health and well-being for all of us who reside in Cork and Kerry. The COMPASS plan runs over five years, to the end of 2022.

COMPASS is a plan by Healthy Ireland, for Cork and Kerry, which includes over 180 action plans to improve the health and well-being of all of the 690,000 residents of our counties. This new plan will fundamentally change the way healthcare services are delivered in Cork and Kerry, to address the changing trends in the health and well-being of our country.

“Preventing chronic illness is everyone’s business”

As the COMPASS plan provides the blueprint to improve local health services in Cork and Kerry over the coming years, we thought that it would be helpful for us to take a look at our key local health services and how these improvements will help us to be healthier in future.

What does the Healthy Ireland framework and the COMPASS plan mean for Cork?

The Healthy Ireland framework is designed to help us avoid an unhealthy (and costly) future. With almost half of Irish people over 50 suffering from at least one chronic disease, national strategies and local action plans will work together to improve the health and well-being of us all.

Healthy Ireland and the COMPASS plan will promote health and wellbeing through Cork community health services.

Cork Community Healthcare will work together with other local agencies to implement the ambitious plans.

As the COMPASS plan launch took place at Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork city, Priscilla Lynch, head of Health and Well-being with Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, said:

“The COMPASS plan will be responsive to local needs by putting in place the infrastructure to develop annual health and well-being actions addressing priorities at a local level. Together we can bring about the necessary changes to make the future envisaged in this plan a reality and achieve even better health outcomes for everyone in Cork and Kerry.”

To learn more about the Cork Kerry Community Healthcare COMPASS plan click here.

How are Cork’s health services going to change?

The COMPASS plan will integrate care across all services, from acute treatment in hospital, through to care in community settings. The focus of local health services is going to shift towards prevention and improving health and well-being, whilst reducing chronic disease.

In the coming years, local health services will focus on identifying vulnerable groups. This proactive approach will promote the health and well-being of children, adults and older adults in Cork in ways such as:

Children in Cork

For children, local health services will work with local authorities, schools and community groups to provide transport and play opportunities which support children to:

Key Cork health services which are working to support children and families in our area include the Tusla child and family agency, and HSE children and family services. If you’re interested in learning more about keeping your child active, the Get Ireland Active website has some great info. There is always lots going on for children, and fun family things to do, in our area.

Adults in Cork

For adults, Cork health services will work with key partners to support the development of healthy communities and workplaces. Encouraging healthy eating choices and cultures of supportive of well-being are key ways in which healthier environments will be created, at work and in our communities.

To learn more about initiatives to promote Cork as a healthy community, see the Cork Arts and Health Programme by the HSE. The Workplace Wellbeing and Corporate Wellness Programme Cork is an initiative by a group of doctors and health practitioners to teach wellness in the workplace.

Older Adults in Cork

For older adults, Cork health services will be promoting positive ageing through programmes which support older people to:

There are lots of supports and services for older people in Cork, click here to download a directory of services for senior citizens which is produced by the HSE.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about the health and community services which are available to help us stay healthy and well, contact:

Priscilla Lynch

Health & Well-being

Cork & Kerry Community Healthcare

Call: 028 40407


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