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Coronavirus Phase 3 – what do the changes mean for people in Cork?

How to stay safe as a number of lockdown restrictions are eased in Ireland, moving into July 2020.

As a number of further lockdown restrictions have been eased, as we move into coronavirus phase 3 in July, in this article we take a look at things we can do again in Cork. Welcomingly, Ireland moved into phase three of coronavirus lockdown easing on June 29th. Here, we’ve put together a list of the main things we are able to do again now and we offer guidance on how we can continue to stay safe from coronavirus during our daily lives.


Five main things that we can do again in Cork and Ireland

  1. Travel freely across the country

The removal of travel restrictions across the country is one of the big changes announced as part of phase three of lockdown easing. As the ‘stay local’ restrictions have been lifted, it means that you can now travel anywhere in the country.

However, international travel continues to be subject to limitations. Currently, the Government is advising against all non-essential travel outside of Ireland. Anyone arriving here from overseas is currently required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Stay safe while travelling

The wearing of a face covering is mandatory on public transport from Monday 29th June, inline with Government guidelines. Transport For Ireland are also advising all passengers that public transport services continue to operate for necessary journeys at this time.

As always, transport authorities are asking all travellers to show consideration to one another when travelling. Advice also states that we should wear a face covering and continue to prioritise priority seating for those that really need it. Also, passengers are reminded to use their TFL Leap Card wherever possible.


  1. Larger gatherings are allowed both indoors and outdoors

A big announcement as part of phase three involves the allowing of much larger gatherings, both outdoors and indoors. From Monday June 29th, up to 50 people are allowed to gather indoors provided that the public health advice is strictly followed.

Stay safe at gatherings

Of course, you should not attend any gathering if you show any coronavirus symptoms. It’s important to reiterate that Government guidelines about self-isolating remain unchanged. Guidelines state that you need to self-isolate if you have any coronavirus symptoms, while waiting for a test or test results, have a positive test result or if you show any flu-like symptoms.

As we detailed in a recent article – staying safe as lockdown is eased, if you do attend a gathering, it’s vitally important to remain vigilant and conscientious. Government guidelines remain in place to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering wherever it’s difficult to maintain 2 metre social distancing.


  1. Cafes, restaurants and pubs reopen

From June 29th, cafes, restaurants and pubs are beginning to open their doors again. However, it’s important to note that the establishments will be operating under strict rules. It goes without saying, it’s just as important for us all to be as conscious in a pub or restaurant as we are in any other walk of life. Regularly washing hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing a face covering where possible, are all key steps we can take to stay safe whilst eating or drinking out.


  1. Visit the gym or go for a swim

Another key announcement is that sporting activities can resume from June 29th. A welcome move for sports fans and active people across the country, reallowed sporting activities include team sports for all ages, close contact sports and organised sporting spectator events.


  1. Get a haircut

A much-anticipated announcement in phase three is that we can once again get a haircut. Hairdressers, barbers, nail and brow salons, beauty salons, spas, tanning salons and tattooing and piercing services are allowed to reopen from Monday June 29th.


Stay safe when getting personal services

As it’s likely to be difficult for your hairdresser or beautician to maintain 2 metres of social distancing, it’s advisable to keep the Government guidance about wearing a face covering in mind when attending your appointment. It may also be advisable to discuss health and safety measures with your provider before attending.


Find out more about the latest Government coronavirus phase 3 guidelines


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