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Preventing Stomach Flu – Tips To Avoid Norovirus

Posted in News on January 27, 2017

It seems that each winter these days, there are more and more stories in the news about outbreaks of the public’s winter health enemy No.1 – norovirus. Also commonly known as stomach flu, or the cruise ship virus, norovirus can really put your body through the ringer at any time of year. Although another common alias for the virus, winter vomiting bug, highlights the fact that this extremely infectious stomach bug is more common in winter.

Norovirus Symptoms

Fortunately, although it is an extremely unpleasant stomach bug, norovirus is usually over within a couple of days. Symptoms commonly surface one or two days after you become infected. You are likely to have norovirus if you experience –

Accompanying symptoms can also include:

Sudden diarrhoea and vomiting are the tell-tale signs that you’ve caught norovirus, the best thing you can do, to prevent spreading, is to stay at home until you’re feeling better.

How the Virus Is Spread

As you may well have seen in the news recently, the virus is easily spread in confined spaces, especially wherever numbers of people are in close contact. Schools, hospitals and nursing homes are often in the news after an outbreak. The common alias of ‘the cruise ship virus’ is a label that tells you how contagious the stomach flu virus can be in confined spaces.

Preventing Norovirus

It is not always going to be possible to be 100% sure of avoiding norovirus. However, following the tips below can help to stop the virus spreading and can help keep you and other virus-free:

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