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5 Best Skin Care Products for This Summer

Posted in News on August 11, 2016

Nailing down a definition of the best skin care products really depends on whom you ask and what their particular interest in the matter is. A dermatologist and a beautician are likely to have quite divergent views.

The opinion of somebody from the Cancer Council can be expected to be different to both. And of course retailers have their own motivations, so they’ll give you advice that probably runs contrary to all the others.

So selecting the five best products is actually quite a difficult task since the concept of what is “best” means such radically different things to different groups of people. Then there’s the tricky issue of the fact that some products claim to be formulated especially for men’s skin or for women’s skin.

Finally there’s the matter of whether skin care is primarily to be considered a matter of the face or of the whole body, since the vast majority of products indicate they are created primarily for facial application.

But what about your views as a consumer? What do you care about? Do you want something that keeps your skin clean and free of blemishes? Do you want something that rejuvenates and nourishes? Do you want something that protects your skin from the ravages of the Sun?

Ultimately it seems the only way to effectively cover this topic is to discover the best product in each category, ensuring that only gender-neutral products are considered.






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