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Cold & Flu Prevention This Winter

The winter season brings with it frosty mornings and wet and windy weather, both of which force us to wrap up warmly to combat these elements. For this reason and many more, it is also the season when colds and flus seem to spread more easily. While it may seem impossible to avoid these ailments, there are some things that you can practice which can prevent you catching them. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy this cold and flu season.


  1. Wash your hands

Your hands are one of the biggest carriers of cold and flu germs which is why it is so important that they remain clean. For this reason, you should make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom. It is recommended that you wash your hands for a full twenty seconds and rinse well to finish.


  1. Keep surfaces clean

Our household surfaces are breeding grounds for cold and flu germs so it makes perfect sense to keep those surfaces as clean as possible at all times. An antibacterial spray or solution is the best way to kill any cold and flu germs that may be lurking about the place. Make sure to clean and disinfect your surfaces on a systematic basis, especially those that are in regular contact with people’s hands e.g. door handles, taps

  1. Herbal Medicine

There are many people who advocate the benefits of natural methods of cold and flu prevention. Among the supplements that are said to be of benefit include Omega-3, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and ginseng.

  1. Flu Vaccination

A seasonal flu vaccination is probably one of the best ways to prevent developing a cold or flu. This vaccination is freely available in almost all areas and is of the most benefit to the elderly, pregnant women and those with a long term medical condition who are deemed to be most at risk from colds and flus. The best time of the year to get the flu vaccination is around October and November, which is just before the cold and flu season kicks in.

  1. Probiotics

There is research that shows that fortifying your gut with ‘good’ bacteria is a good way to help your body ward off colds and flus. Probiotics are healthy bacteria such as Lactobacillus that can be consumed through eating yoghurts or drinking probiotic drinks.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is often touted as a preventative measure against many different types of ailments and that’s no different in the case of colds and flus. Keeping your body fit and healthy is a real way to strengthen your immune system. It increases your blood flow and allows your immune cells to move more freely around your body, therefore, increasing your chances of fending off any unwanted sicknesses.

As there is no actual antidote to the common cold and flu, prevention is by far the best cure. However, there will be times when despite all your efforts, you will still succumb to these ailments. If this happens to you, make sure to look after yourself by wrapping up, keeping hydrated and taking some over-the-counter medication if you feel it’s necessary.

photo credit: califmom via photopin cc

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