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Tips To Manage Hay Fever In Cork This Summer

Hay Fever In Cork – Top Tips To Combat Hay Fever This Summer

Manage hay fever in Cork this summer with our top tips and treatments. Hay fever – or seasonal allergic rhinitis – is a common ailment afflicting many people. Each spring and summer, one in five people in Ireland is affected by hay fever.


Hay Fever Season In Cork

In Cork, hay fever often kicks in during April and lasts until August, peaking in the last fortnight of June. Some experts argue that it appears as early as mid-March. The main culprit is grass pollen, especially Timothy grass.

The warmer weather in South West Cork means that the grass pollen season tends to start here in mid-May, earlier than the rest of Ireland. In Dublin and the midlands, the high season usually begins at the start of June. In North West Donegal the high season starts up to a fortnight later.

Click here for Cork’s pollen forecast for today and this week


Hay Fever Symptoms And Causes

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to airborne particles, such as pollen or fungal spores. Hay fever is most commonly triggered by grass or tree pollen. When the allergen is inhaled, the immune system produces a histamine response resulting in some unfavourable physical symptoms which include:

Hay fever is caused when your body defends itself against allergens by producing antibodies. The antibodies bind to mast cells, a process which leads the body to releases a chemical called histamine.


Nutritional Tips To Combat Hay Fever

Following these nutritional tips can help to strengthen your immune system and reduce your hay fever symptoms:


Daily Living Tips To Manage Hay Fever

Other daily living tips which can help you deal with hay fever include:


Methionine Supplements for Hay Fever

If the natural methionine sources aren’t doing the trick alone, methionine supplements up to 500mg per day may help. Another supplement that may interest you is quercetin. Quercetin helps to work as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Menthol inhalers such as Siang Pure

These small plastic tubes contain a mix of menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor, and borneol. This combination of ingredients helps to clear away mucus, thus reducing the chances of repeat sneezing. These inhalers are also sometimes helpful in treating motion sickness, vertigo, and dizzy spells.


Fixes From Your GP

When all else fails and you need an emergency short-term fix, your GP can prescribe oral steroids. Repeated or prolonged courses of oral steroids are harmful but they will get you through that vital client meeting or your baby’s christening.


Cork Pollen Forecasts

Click here for Cork’s pollen forecast for today and this week

For the latest pollen forecasts across Ireland visit – Met Eireann Pollen Forecast For Ireland

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