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Health Screening Services In Cork – Helping To Keep Cork A ‘Healthy City’

Posted in Advice on November 22, 2017

Health Screening Services, including blood pressure monitoring and more.

As the Cork Independent recently reported that Cork is leading the way as a World Health Organisation designated Healthy City, we thought that it is the perfect time to take a look at the free medical and health screening services available in Cork. As the Independent reports, since being designated a WHO Healthy City in 2012, the council has been focusing a range of initiatives to promote health and well-being in our city, including:

A central aim of both national and local government is to encourage people to take regular health screening tests, to identify health issues early. Many health issues are preventable or treated more easily and successfully with early diagnosis and monitoring. There are a range of free health screening services in Cork, which we’ve rounded up here.


Blood Pressure Monitoring and other important healthcare tests in Cork

Mobile Blood Pressure Monitor Tests

Get your blood pressure monitor checkfor free at various locations near you in County Cork and Cork City. Research shows that 40% of strokes could be prevented through better control of blood pressure. Take the first step and get your blood pressure checked for free at an Irish Heart mobile unit near you. Click here for upcoming mobile blood pressure checks near you in Cork.

Blood pressure monitoring is a key activity to help you stay healthy. A regular blood pressure monitor by a healthcare professional also helps to find any issues early, which greatly increases the chances of successful treatments.

Free Cancer Screening Services In Cork

Cervical Check

CervicalCheck is a national initiative that provides free smear tests for women aged 25 to 60. Cervical screening is a test to check for changes in cervical cells. These cells are found at the neck and womb. Changes in cervical cells are common and screening helps to identify cell changes early, so they can be monitored and treated. The earlier changes are detected, the easier it is to treat.

Detecting cell changes in the cervix early can help to prevent cervical cancer.

Click here to find your nearest GP practice or clinic in Cork to have a Cervical Check test.


Breast Check

BreastCheck provides free mammograms to eligible women around the country, and at various locations here in Cork. The service provides a free breast check every two years. Click here for Breast Check screening locations in Cork


Bowel Screening

The BowelScreen programme offers free bowel testing to men and women aged 60 to 69. Bowel screening is used to detect cancer in people who are not showing any symptoms.

Bowel screening helps to detect bowel cancer earlier, when there is a much better chance of successful treatment. Bowel screening also helps to identify other changes in the bowel such as polyps, which are small growths that are not usually cancerous. If polyps are not removed they can turn cancerous over time, however polyps can usually be removed easily if they are found.


Mole Checks & Mole Mapping Clinic

Mole mapping clinics held periodically at Cork University Hospital offer a complete skin check and mole mapping examination to identify cancerous moles. The mole screening for melanoma skin cancer and computerised mole mapping can help identify melanoma early, thus improving survival rates.

Free clinics have been offered periodically as part of wider health initiatives. Book a consultation at Irwin’s pharmacy Cork, if you’d like to discuss your skin or find out more about services available at this time.


To find out more about health screening and services here in Cork, or to talk to us about any aspect of your health, book a consultation with us here at Irwin’s Pharmacy.

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