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Don’t Get Caught Short of Medications this Christmas

With another winter surge of coronavirus cases for health services to deal with across Ireland this year 2021, we are asking Cork residents to think ahead to make sure you have got your essential medications to last the festive season. By adding ‘medication’ to your Christmas to-do list, the impact on already stretched medical services can be minimised. On a personal note for you, you will also avoid unnecessary stress by making sure that you don’t run out of your required medicines over Christmas.

If patients in Cork organise their repeat prescriptions ahead of Christmas, it will help to reduce the load of emergency calls to the health services.


Don’t Forget About the True Essentials This Christmas

From presents, food and parties, to visiting relatives, the run up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for many of us. There’s so much to keep in mind that patients can easily forget the real essentials – their medication.

Every festive period, many patients up and down the country run out of essential medications. As shops and pharmacies aren’t always open as normal, running out can cause a lot of undue stress for patients when they can’t immediately access their medication as usual.

This Christmas, your local Irwin’s pharmacies in Cork ask that all of our customers think ahead to help make their Christmas less stressful for themselves and the health services.

Think Of Older Family Members and Neighbours

With the pandemic still impacting our daily lives, we would like to remind everyone to think of older family members, or neighbours, who may not be able to get out and about themselves. If you know of someone who needs medical supplies, please take a minute to ask them ahead of time to make sure they’ve got enough to last throughout the festive period.

Your Local Irwin’s Pharmacy Offers Free Medicine Delivery to Residents in Cork

If you find it difficult to get out, particularly during the pandemic, why not take advantage of our free local delivery service for residents in Cork city. Simply call your local Irwin’s pharmacy shop, on the numbers below, our friendly staff are ready to arrange your free medicine delivery.


Over Ordering Can Interrupt Continuous Supply for other Patients

Although this article is all about encouraging patients to think ahead, so you don’t unexpectedly run out medications over Christmas, it’s just as important to avoid ‘over ordering’.

Patients are asked to order what they need for Christmas, but not to order more medications than they need. We are working closely with suppliers to ensure a continuous supply of medicines. However, if patients over order, it can disrupt existing stock levels which can limit the supply of essential medicines available for other patients.

7 Essential Medicines to have in your Cabinet for Christmas

For healthcare support and advice this Christmas, your local pharmacy is your first port of call. Here at Irwin’s Pharmacy, our trained staff are ready to give you expert advice on common illnesses including aches, pains, coughs and colds.

We have a wide range of over the counter medicines available to purchase immediately. You don’t need an appointment as each of our local Cork pharmacy shops have a private consultation room.
Your local Irwin’s pharmacy are ready to offer healthcare advice to local people in Cork. Call our Shandon Street shop on 021 430 4165 – for advice on everyday health issues.
To treat minor health issues this Christmas, keep your medicine cabinet well stocked with essential remedies for around 10eu in total:


You can Rely on your Local Irwin’s Pharmacies in Cork this Christmas

Here at Irwin’s, we’ve been committed to maintaining normal service throughout the pandemic. This year in 2021, Christmas Day falls on a Saturday so our three Cork pharmacy shops will be open as normal up to Friday evening (Christmas Eve). Our shop opening hours are:

Cork City Centre Pharmacy Shandon Street

Revised opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9am – 10pm.
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm.

Northside Cork Pharmacy Mayfield

Revised opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm.

Southside Cork Pharmacy Togher

Revised opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm.

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