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7 Ways to Combat Bad Breath

Posted in Advice on September 4, 2015

It can be pretty embarrassing when someone tells you have bad breath, and if you think about it it’s not a great experience for the other person either. Keeping minty fresh is something that’s not always in the forefront of the human mind, so here are some habits you can get into to make sure getting close to someone doesn’t make them take a step back from you:


It might be obvious, but brushing your teeth is the main way to get lingering food and plaque out of your mouth. That can be a huge cause of bad breath and most of the time; this one thing solves the problem for the majority of people. Brush after breakfast and at night before you go to sleep. Brushing regularly also helps with reducing cavities and fighting bad bacteria.


Most people don’t drink as much water as they should. This leaves them feeling bloated, stressed, dehydrated and tired. Drinking water can solve so many problems with the human body and it’s amazing it’s not the first thing people turn to when they experience such problems.

Drinking water helps your internal organs to process things that you’ve consumed, it cleans your blood and helps you pass what you’ve consumed more easily and quickly meaning that the stomach does not get the chance to produce so much gas that’s inevitably released through burping.

If you always carry gum in a place you have to reach into such as a pocket or under the handbrake in the car, you’ll see it regularly and remember to take it. If you just leave it in a bag or in the glove box, you won’t see it, and when something is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Having minty fresh breath from gum gives you confidence during the day too!


Munching on a carrot or some celery or apple will help clean your teeth by removing harmful bacteria from your gums, teeth and tongue. Often, if you don’t eat regularly, you have bad breath caused by fasting, which is easily solved by eating a healthy snack.


If you smoke or use tobacco products, you should always carry gum at the very least. Obviously the best thing to do is to quit altogether, as smoking is not only bad for the teeth and gums but it’s bad for just about every other part of your body too.


Regular dental check-ups ensure that your teeth and gums are in the best of health. If you think you need something stronger for your breath, the dentist will probably have some recommendations that will solve the problem for you.


Fairly easily located in most shops and supermarkets, mouth rinses come in a few minty flavours and a variety of different strengths. Choose what suits you, but having a fully minty fresh mouth after a rinse is a great way to start your day.

Bad breath doesn’t have to be a curse you’re stuck with as, except in rare and extreme cases, it’s a problem that’s easily sorted with the implementation of one, or a number of, the above tips.

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